Speed Skating Competition Manager

The SSCM is the new, modern and efficient way to organize and to execute your ice speed skating events. Get the very powerful and time-saving tool for your sport events.

December 2023 – Version 3.8 released

Make your competitions even faster

The Speed Skating Competition Manager (SSCM) is a new and state-of-the-art software to map all aspects of sports event planning, preparation, execution (incl. time keeping), evaluation and presentation (on video walls and in the Internet). It was designed and developed especially for ice speed skating – by people who have been practicing this sport for many years and know all aspects from different perspectives really well. But because of its design, it can easily be adapted for other sports, like inline skating, cycling, short track, running and more…

What it does
Our software addresses all aspects in event preparation and execution.

We have been involved in speed skating for many many years: as former active athletes, member of competition juries, judges or as journalists during events. 

This long experience gets us the know-how to offer a cutting-edge software solution that makes the preparation and execution of sport events much faster and comfortable.

Create all your events within your preferred browser, Collect and validate registrations of athletes, get entrance fees from your account, make ISU conformant drawings and schedules. Connect the SSCM to your time keeping hardware and publish the protocols. All online and at your fingertip.

Online-Entry-System to check out available and newest competitions to register and get all relevant information about it. Subscribe athletes to events, make entrance fee payments online and in advance and get notified about your registration status, drawings, schedules and protocols.

Get all relevant information about the athletes with all their records, best times and get track of the current race status. Make use of the outstanding data of SpeedSkatingNews.info and present it to your audience.

Create customizable statistical reports for your focused athletes and download it as PDFs for your further use. All data, including competition results, records and best times, are daily updated so that you are up-to-date as well.

Follow your preferred competitions online on your PC, Tablet or Mobile phone. All results are published just-in-time so that you don’t miss any result or record.

Select the modules that you need for your ice rink and your competitions. Only license the building blocks that you really need. Highly flexible and adaptable to your special needs.

Organize and Execute your competitions


Create your events and define the distances to be skated. Make use of ISU standard distances or create your custom distances. The SSCM gives you the freedom to create all – from a “small” club competition to a world championship. Use the distance editor to easily create custom competitions.

Publish your events and additional relevant information with the intuitive online registration system. The entry system runs on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Coaches and skaters can very easily register to your events. Send and receive messages from and to coaches.



Validate event registrations manually or fully automatically. Check for qualification times by using the SpeedSkatingNews.info database or by manually uploaded and defined times. Request for and collect registration fees with the integrated online banking system.

Create ISU compliant or self-defined drawings, for pairs, quartets or custom races. Not enough? Build custom drawings and rules for your drawings with a simple to use drag and drop interface. Make use of the race builder for even more flexibility. Automatically create race schedules based on your drawings.



Do the timekeeping by connecting the SSCM to your existing hardware. Different types of hardware is provided and can be handled simultaneously. Regardless of whether it is a light barrier, transponder, camera system or manual timekeeping – the SSM can handle it.

Present your competition data to your video wall, TV broad-caster or video stream with custom defined templates for a maximal flexibility. Use animation effects to bring motion to your data and give your visitors a special experience. Send data to the announcer and let him or her inspire the audience.



Create custom defined protocols and publish them via Microsoft Word, Excel or send it to your online system. The built-in template system offers you maximum freedom for your creativity. Also publish your entire event in the Live results system in real-time.

Who we are
About us

Sport and speed skating is our passion. Every day we work hard to make this sport even more fascinating and open it to even more interested people.

With our well known websites SpeedSkatingNews.info and DESGphoto we have been a constant part in speed skating for more than 20 years. Our data and statistics are used by the ISU, federations, countless athletes and press agencies.

elementalTiming is the next logical step to turn our knowledge into a specialized event management solution.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION with existing time keeping


Which web browser is sopported?

The SSCM runs on all modern browser platforms and is continuously updated. The system is tested on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Can i download or publish the generated data?

Yes you can. Any kind of data or lists, e.g. registrations, verifications, drawings, schedules or protocols can be downloaded or automatically published as Word, PDF or Excel.

Which time keeping system is supported?

Currently, we are supporting the timing devices of MyLaps, ALGE Timing, RaceResultsMicrogate, HEGO, Tagheuer and SEIKO. Any other systems can be integrated.

Can I see the SSCM in action?

Yes and no. There is no public DEMO available. But we would be happy to show the SSCM in action. Please contact us!

Is the SSCM limited to Ice Speed Skating?

No it isn’t! The SSCM was developed with the focus on ice speed skating but can be used and adopted very easy to any “round-based” kind of sport, e.g. inline skating, cycling, short track, running etc.

Can I use the SSCM on mobile devices?

Yes you can! The SSCM is developed as a full responsive web application. So it can be used on any kind of devices. Nevertheless, some tables or views are quite complex, so a larger display is preferable and should be considered.


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